On behalf of all Christians, I'd like to apologize for all of the judgmental, homophobic, selfish, and hateful things that have been done using the name of God and Christianity. Rob Bell once said that people "...are rarely persuaded by arguments, but more often by experiences..." and as I'm sure you know, an idiot on the street corner, in front of a clinic, or at a school-board meeting screaming and ranting about God and damnation, hurts God and pushes people away from Christ. We, as Christians need to get off our asses and do what Jesus did - help the poor, heal the sick, and care for the needy. Our actions will speak for themselves.

Christians that boast about their faith, and then talk down or gossip about someone just plain suck. Same with those nutjobs that say if you read Harry Potter, drink a beer, or listen to SLAYER means you're going to hell. Wake-Up Christians! It's supposed to be about love and forgiveness. You're making the rest of us look bad. So STOP IT!

My name is Joe, and I love Jesus and Slayer.





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